Online Learning Moves Offline

In the retail world, online brands like Warby Parker have moved offline to establish physical locations. Now we’re seeing this trend in online education.

There is a lot of hype around digital learning & online education and various technological improvements. However, completion rates are typically abysmal—and the vast majority of online learners drop off almost immediately.

Studies show people overwhelmingly prefer learning in face-to-face environments.

If companies are able to get the social aspect right, we could see a massive uptick of how many people actually use online services.

Companies are responding. For example, online degree provider 2U recently partnered with WeWork.

We’ve seen other online universities open physical campuses as well.

At Shift_Up, we believe physical communities are critical to the future of online education. We build “learning gyms” and partner with companies to offer the on-the-ground support for employees to succeed with online learning opportunities.