Future of Data Security

Storing data in the cloud is insecure by design.

In the mid-2000s, the world began to transition from on-premise to cloud data storage. As a society, we gave up security and privacy, in return for portability and cost-savings. (ACM)

Now, not a month goes by without news of another monstrous data breach. And those are only the ones that are reported… many other breaches are quietly swept under the rug! (Dataconomy)

We can’t address the underlying data vulnerability problem without changing the way data is stored.

At TallyLab, our users’ data belongs to them. We have no way of accessing their data or identifying who our users are.

We’ve built technology that encrypts and anonymizes data while it is on the end users’ devices, BEFORE it is sent to our servers.

By design, we cannot access that data even if we wanted to! Someone could hack our servers, and all they would see is a giant encrypted brick of data. This is how data storage should be handled, and this is where the world is heading.