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The positive impact of redundancy in healthcare systems

Redundancy is usually thought of as 'waste" resulting from inefficient operations. The traditional focus in operations management is on elimination of redundancy. This phenomenon has caught on in the healthcare industry, where patients' needs rarely converge. Contrary to common wisdom, my research partners and I have found that redundancy has a positive impact on patient-centeredness,…
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Moral hazards of kidnap and ransom insurance

If you work for a large multi-national company (MNC), the great news is that your company has you covered if you get kidnapped and held for ransom. But you probably didn’t know that. In fact, most MNCs purchase kidnap and ransom insurances for their employees. But rarely do they inform their people. One of the…
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Google actually fact checks medical claims on its search engine

As many of you may know, the homeopathic/nutritional supplement industry does not have to go through testing at anywhere near the same rigor that the FDA puts new drug development through. Therefore, safety and efficacy are not proven in the homeopathic/nutrition realm and these "supplements" can vary widely as to content, efficacy and safety. Google…
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Breakeven oil price doesn’t really exist

I am a professional investor. Once, when I was chatting with an Oil & Gas senior exec, he told me never to believe a “breakeven” estimate for oil production – whether that information is coming from an analyst, a producer, or otherwise. This was right before the most recent drop in oil prices, and low…
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How social media influence really works

When I ran a PR start-up, I saw some things that changed my perception of social media. For our biggest client accounts, we saw them go through periods of steady growth mixed in with big jumps. For example, they would jump from 5,000 followers to 8,000 in one day! We found out that it's because…
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Surprising amount of time doctors spend on admin chores

I think that the public would be surprised to find out that doctors in America, myself included, spend more than 50% of our day doing administrative work (electronic medical record, insurance approvals, credentialing, etc). We don't have nearly as much time helping patients as we'd like. And we are paid 6-7 figure salaries. This is…
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