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Passive to preemptive medical device evaluation

Since 2008, medical devices have caused more than 80,000 deaths. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health has the task of evaluating and approving or rejecting new medical devices based on safety and effectiveness. Once a device earns FDA approval, post-market surveillance is supposed to gauge how well…
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Hydrogen and ozone depletion

Did you know that hydrogen will destroy the ozone layer? Yes, if we ever move to hydrogen as a major transportation fuel or an energy carrier the consequences for the ozone layer in the stratosphere will be dire - far worse than what CFC have done to deplete the ozone layer. Hydrogen leaks like crazy.…
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Seeing the right eye specialist – Ophthalmologist vs. Optometrist

When it comes to ophthalmic/eye care in America, surprisingly, most people are not well informed about the difference between different types of eye specialists, or which specialist to see for their particular eye problem. For example, I had a recent patient ask why her previous 'eye doctor' had not recommended an operation for her glaucoma.…
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Wastewater treatment: critical, yet neglected infrastructure

The people that run water and wastewater facilities and the equipment on which we rely everyday for clean drinking water, as well as to clean and process wastewater to prevent pollution of our streams, rivers and oceans, are unappreciated, and often, not very-well understood by the general public. This “below-the-radar” awareness contributes to the industry’s…
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Top source for delivery personnel: Craigslist

Despite the proliferation of digital hiring resources, often the most effective, cost-efficient channel for hiring part-time delivery personnel is one that was created before Y2K: Craigslist. While it may be appealing to advertise on social media or try channels that utilize programmatic advertising and other fancy technology, Craigslist consistently delivers some of the lowest acquisition…
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