3 Major Trends in the Beauty Industry

In general, the beauty industry is bigger than ever, and it’s an exciting time. People are taking our industry more seriously - especially now that Kylie Jenner became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire and made the cover of Forbes magazine.

Trend #1  - Plastic surgery no longer taboo
There are more soft services than ever, i.e. Fillers + various cosmetic enhancements. People are talking about these procedures more and more. It used to be very hush hush. Now there are Botox parties where people do Botox injections together!

Trend #2  - Category crossover
There is a dramatically higher crossover between beauty & other categories such as Food & Beverage. I was at a Sephora in SF a week ago, and they had an entire aisle devoted to nutritional supplements and beauty drinks.

Trend #3  - Ingredients in the spotlight
CBD (cannabidiol) is a huge example, now being used by brands like Herbivore, Milk Makeup and more. There are many espoused benefits of the ingredient for things such as wellness, therapeutics, and anti-inflammation, but many consumers still want to see more evidence in terms of clinical trials.